John Palmore, an accomplished keyboardist and vocalist, began his musical career in high school in Birmingham, Alabama. He first mastered the drums, then switched to trombone before winning a college scholarship. After college, he hit the road with the big bands of Ike Williams and later, Joe Guy (husband of the late Billie Holiday), but he soon changed his instrument and musical direction. 

As a keyboardist, John has worked with Jackie Wilson, Mary Wells, ZZ Hill, Wilson Pickett, Joe Simon and Roscoe Robinson, just to name a few. He was the musical director, keyboardist and arranger for Bill Pinkney’s Original Drifters for many years. Equally passionate about the blues, John also has played with a number of blues acts including Bennie Lattimore of Let's Straighten It Out and The Howling Wolf. 

John eventually relocated to Reno, Nevada, where he continues to entertain diverse audiences with his soulful music, which includes R&B, Motown, blues, jazz and gospel. 

When he's not performing on stage, John can be found sharing his passion for music with residents in assisted living facilities and other community venues. 

Despite maintaining a busy schedule, John has been the Minister of Music at various churches his entire musical career. An enthusiastic director, John arranges musical selections and brings out the best in his choir. In addition, he plays a Hammond B3 organ and keyboards, accompanying the church service and gospel choir weekly. 

John is currently performing in Palmore Remix Band, his four-piece band, and Velvet Duo with Pat Esters, as well as a solo artist with keyboards and vocals.

About John Palmore